Aims to be the pioneering company in Philippines that designs, manufactures and assembles all-mechatronic vehicles and energy solutions to Asia and global.
Primitive gas pollutant internal combustion engines is nearing its end. Spark is our made in the Philippines high-performance all-electric super sports concept that will open the gates to make commercial EV's that are cheaper and more tech advance than gas engines.
Executive Summary

Orbotics will be the first to build high-performance all-electric super sports car in the
Philippines. This sounds impossible – both the idea of building electric vehicle in the first place, and further, the idea of building high performance electronic super sports car. Nevertheless, key technologies have recently been developed that make electric cars suddenly very attractive and in demand, and the international business climate makes it is now easy to build a “fab-less” car company – a company without a factory. A simple warehouse, enough to accommodate a small office, manufacturing components tools and assembly, can easily make this a reality.

Product concept: “Spark”
Is a brand new all-electronic super sports car concept by Orbotics. Our target is to sell
limited edition units of “Spark” to the global market and upgrade model every 3 years.

• Acceleration: 0-100 km/h in 3 secs
• Top Speed: Over 420 km/h
• Wheel Torque: 10,000 Nm
• Seating: 2+2 Seaters
• Mile Range: 1000kms or 620miles
• Drive System: All-Wheel Drive
• Provides Job Opportunities
• Zero Carbon Emissions
• Base reservation price: USD$100,000 (Only 1,100 units will be produced)
• Zero maintenance for 100,000 miles (Other than tires and/or brake disks)
• Treat your Spark car like Siri, Alexa or Jarvis (Includes IoT, AI & 4g/5g Tech)

Yes, it’s all-electric. It uses commodity premium rechargeable batteries that are already manufactured in the millions per year. An impressive proof-of-concept will be built to demonstrate the performance of our made in the Philippines all-electric vehicles. Spark will be a production super sports car based on this prototype. Using some outsourced manufacturing, Orbotics will more-than break-even selling 30 sports car alone.

The Market Opportunity – Our target market is Global starting with ASIA region,
Our world now has more than 6 Million electric vehicles and climbing up very fast.
Automaker companies are preparing to phase out their cars powered by internal
combustion engines as governments look to tackle fuel emissions. New brands are
chipping-in to this huge market. Recent market research conducted by Globe Newswire estimates electric vehicle market size to surpass $420 Billion by 2025. We estimate the potential valuation of 100 units of Spark, to be about 0.03 percent of the global market opportunity for our products at over $100Million. This business opportunity highly overcomes risk because all the tech is readily available in the global market.

The Finances – The target profit in 3 years from project completion is more than
USD$1Billion. I am looking for USD$10Million in exchange for equity shares or
corporate debt. The finance will boost rapid development of beta prototypes, to pass
standard vehicle tests, produce 1,100 units of all-electric vehicle super sports car Spark and increase discretionary expenditure aimed at capturing the significant market share in today’s fast growing all-electric vehicle market. It is of my interest to only partner with and obtain this finance from a single firm.
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